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The Rise Of DJ Lotus Bomb

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Elizabeth Dallman Aka DJ Lotus Bomb is a rocking musician and entrepreneur. Notably, music and arts have played a significant role in her life. Lotus began growing her career from a young age. She acquired inspiration from different sources until she succeeded in achieving her goals.

Early Life 

The musician’s early life and background is an incredible adventure to learn. She was born in Germany and was brought up on an army base. When she attained the age of 8 years, she began her musical foundation on piano. Following the passion of the musician credited music, she successfully progressed to the violin and viola when she was 12 years old. It was at the same age of 12 when Lotus moved to South Carolina. 

Secrets Behind Lotus’ Rise In The Music Industry

Lotus has been scaling to higher levels in the music industry lately. It is alarming how the musician is rising rapidly and creating change. However, there are only a few secrets behind all the successes she has achieved. Lotus possesses outstanding characters that guide her in the industry. The characters are; perfection, dedication, and persistence.

  1. Perfection

Lotus is a perfectionist. She is always working relentlessly to reach perfection in the music industry. The musician spends most of her time in the studio perfecting her DJ role. As it is said, ‘practice makes perfect.’ She ends up bringing forth the best and consequently achieving what she wants in life. Therefore, it is factual that nothing comes out easy. One must toil to gain anything in life.

  1. Dedication

Lotus has dedicated her time and resources for the sake of music. This music champion does not mind staying in the studios all day and Djing. Instead, she is proud of the achievements she makes out of her dedication. Besides, dedication is the reason for her progress. She knows putting her mind and heart in music is never in vain. True enough, she has been progressing in the past years.

  1. Persistence

Persistence is a crucial virtue every entrepreneur must put in place to be able to achieve desirable goals. Lotus has remained intact in music despite the shortcomings engraved within the industry. She has faced many challenges but giving up has never been her option. Instead, she has always been persistent in achieving the best in the music industry. Moreover, her persistence is shown vividly from the chronology of events of her life. She must have been highly persistent to build her musical foundation in piano from the time she was eight years until progress to the violin and viola was inevitable at 12 years.

Additionally, inspiration has helped Lotus a great deal in rising to greater heights in music. She was inspired to become a DJ as she moved on to college in Charleston. She also gets inspiration from the following artists; Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, Mira, and Adam Port. 

In conclusion, the things that describe Lotus’ rise in the music industry are perfection, dedication, and persistence.

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