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Interview With New Jersey’s Own Kutie Millz

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1. Who’s your biggest influence musically ?

“Meek Mill My biggest influence ,Aint to many left like Him.”

2. Do you want a record deal, and if yes, why?

“I’m signing to dream chasers.”

3. Have you gone viral?

“Everyday it’s viral for me ,Nothing I do is small Little in size but everything big, everything viral.”

4. Do you come up with your own video concepts?

“Yes I always try to direct my videos and put my input in.”

5. What’s next? What are you promoting ?

“Currently promoting Kutie gang merchandise. Also mixtape will be here May 31, The name of it is Kutie Vs Shalon. My real name is shalon kutie is my alter ego it’s two different people in the same body ,half the tracks will come from shalon and the other half from Kutie.”

6. What’s one stage you want to sell out ?

“Barclay center.”

7. Biggest audience you’ve performed for ?

“bout 250 people.”

8. Who would you want to work with?

“Meek Mill.”

9. Why music ? What made you start creating ?

“When I was down to my lowest ,physically and mentally,the instrumental and a pen saved me ,it gave me hope, it made me Kutie Millz.”

10. One thing you want people to know about you?

“I don’t tolerate fuck shit ,and I don’t like small talk, Let’s talk about a bag”


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