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Zeelix Is Hoping To Follow In Established Footsteps With New Single “Ties”

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Canada is well known to be home to superstar artists like Drake, Justin Bieber and a new generation of rappers are hoping to follow their path. Zeelix is an Ontario-based rapper and R&B artist on the rise. Currently independent, he creates and produces all of his own music and is excited for the release of new singles such as the recently announced song “Ties.” There is no set date for the drop, but fans should expect the single soon.

Zeelix gave insight into the impact Drake’s success has had on him. “I would say I am inspired by Drake because his music reflects all aspects of life. Obviously, he is a huge world-known artist, but he is from Toronto Canada which is basically right where I am from. I find a lot of hope knowing someone made it out of the city and blew up as much as he did, and still continuously drops hits after being in the industry for so long.”

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