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Pro jean Drops New Banger “Blah”

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Always keeping it real on the mic, Pro’Jean Productions artist Johnathan Anton Prejean aka Pro’Jean steps into the game representing Cali’ in a major way. Music has always intrigued the mind, heart, and soul of this upcoming rapper. Making music for over a decade now, the Compton rapper is finally turning his dreams into a reality. The Hub City helped him develop his soul that contains an eclectic mixture of hip hop and R&B styles.At a young age, Pro’Jean surrounds himself with talented family members, which gave birth to his music style. At the tender age 9, he penned his first song about his favorite restaurant McDonalds. I was a fat kid. I wasn’t even serious! I’m telling -I rapped about McDonald’s. This is a funny story, but when I wrote, they saw something in me. At the time, the young aspiring kid wanted to be a star. It was engraved in my heart, says Pro’Jean.

“I’m coming with a fresh style yet original-bringing real stories and pain along with my R&B” Pro’Jean

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