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Atlanta rapper Delly Xotic Release original tracks after signing a distribution deal

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Atlanta Rapper Delly Xotic is said to part ways with United Masters after he acquired a distribution deal with a major label that is said to be owed by Kobalt Music Group which is pending a sale to Sony Music the rapper made a buzz when he dropped his songs “Pulling up Aye” and “We Outside“ in 2020 and begin performing in clubs around Atlanta. His songs “Dark Inside” was also featured on dcyoungfly’s mixtape. After which the rapper dropped his song get me a bag in 2021 which is also gaining fans.

He state that all his top tracks will be released June 15 2021 without features or remixes as he wants to surprise his fans with new cover art for each release and the best mastered original version of each song.

The rapper states that after his catalog transfer is complete he will Shoot music video for his most trending song and after party for his invited fans.
The young rapper also recently opened up a Automotive shop that specializes in vehicle modifications, rims and tires in Macon ga
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The rapper said he will continue to make his fans proud as he remember who supported him when he quit his Job and started rapping from his Bedroom only a year later the rapper have made waves and became an entrepreneur.

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