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What Matthieu Miguel, Who Launched Daily Squad, Wants to Emphasize With His Music

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There are many reasons why artists are driven to start making and distributing their own music. This is reflected in their songs. As listeners, you can feel the inspiration these artists had to bring out their music to the world. For Matthieu Miguel, a 21-year-old music producer and songwriter from France, expressing emotions is of prime importance in his music. He built his reputation by launching a project called Daily Squad which he is currently leading.

Music lovers can check out the latest happenings and be informed on the release of new tracks by following Daily Squad on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All the links to Daily Squad’s channels on various music platforms are available on the official website. Here you can also find all the songs released and available for listening. The songs are available on all major platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Apple Music.

In 2020, Daily Squad released two songs and by the end of the year, there were a total of 26.3k listeners spread across 89 countries who collectively had 30.8k streams and 1.5k hours of total listening time on Spotify. Daily Squad has already released three more tracks in 2021 and is looking to release more this year.

Daily Squad’s tracks have been gaining a lot of attention and love from music lovers around the world. All five songs have been well-received and this has made the audience anticipate more from Daily Squad. The genre covered is wide and includes pop, trap, and future bass. What many also admire about Matthieu Miguel’s music is the lyrics. The strong lyrics combined with excellent vocals have the power to move people emotionally.

Every time writes lyrics for a new song, he ensures that he is able to perfectly bring the emotion to life by weaving a story into the song. In his latest release, “Upside Down”, the emotion of not wanting to let go of the lover can be felt deeply by the listener. It is these beautiful lyrics that have made it possible for Daily Squad to attract a good following. The theme is usually around love, friendship, and heartbreak. These are emotions almost everyone has felt at one point in life. Music transcends and has an impact on people across various countries because the emotion it invokes is universal.

Matthieu never fails to focus on the emotional aspects of electronic music through the lyrics. However, this does not mean that there is no room for melody. The priority is on emotions and it is the listener who needs to fall in love with the music. Hence, the right kind of music is used to emotionally move the listeners as they are captivated by the powerful lyrics.

Matthieu always ensures that the rhythm is catchy so that listeners will be more attracted to it. When the song captures the attention of the listeners and spikes their interest, the perfect music with lyrics and vocals can make all the difference.

Matthieu Miguel wants to continue to focus on the emotions of his songs and deliver his message while taking the listeners on an emotional ride. He has made it his primary focus to create music that impacts listeners and attracts more people. By the mesmerizing combination of music, lyrics, and vocals, Matthieu and Daily Squad are getting more recognition in the music industry.

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