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Getting to know The Dutch Hip Hop Producer Vincent De Boer

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Vincent de Boer is a musician and producer from Groningen, the Netherlands. This Dutch hip hop producer is paving his way to the top, one beat at a time. With an indescribable musical style and a desire to become the best version of himself. Creativity, self-expression, and humor are three words that describe this charming Dutch man.


His album ‘’Famous’’ has recently been released, during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

As you may know, many major artists suffered immensely from cancelled gigs and loss of income.  So what drove this underground producer to release his own EP during these challenging times? I was able to sit down with Vincent de Boer for an interview. 


Can you tell me something about yourself?


My name is Vincent de Boer, I am a 20 year old producer from The Netherlands. I released a new EP during the COVID-19 times as a way to escape the walls around me, and not lose my mind during uncertain times.


Why did the covid-19 measurements drive you to make music?


All of a sudden everything was forbidden, I couldn’t go to the cinema anymore, I wasn’t allowed to see any concerts & my school closed down and switched to online classes. I could do two things: 1. Do Nothing, and let it all pass by. Or 2: Take this chance to develop myself. With the newly acclaimed free time, and knowledge that everyone else in the world experienced the same, and thus would be online, I decided to take the biggest gamble in my life. I had nothing to lose. 


I started teaching myself how to make music, and the rest is history.


Who’s your biggest influence musically?


I get inspired by a lot of great  musicians, from producers to rappers. Dez Wright & Ginseng are two of my favorite producers. However music wise I also get inspired by Kanye West, Lil Tracy, Nav , Lil Baby and more. I have a wide taste in rap & hip hop music and implement different influences in my music. 


How would you describe your musical style?


All my songs have a different style, I don’t like being chained to one style. I want my music to tell a story, as it has no words in, it has to be done a different way. I use a wide range of styles to describe my own emotions and reflect on my feelings.


How do you promote your music?


Tiktok has been a real blessing for me, it helped me achieve goals and exposure that would normally take me months to get. Thanks to Tik Tok I have been exploring new trends in music, and getting to know the trends before they blow up. Thanks to this, I am able to adapt my music styles very fast and reach new audiences in a matter of minutes. 


If you had the opportunity to talk to yourself when you first started to create music, what would you say?


Nothing, I admire myself for where I ended up. I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t go through the struggles at the beginning. 


When you aren’t working on music, what do you do?


My time is divided between relaxing, music and school. I am studying for my Bachelor’s as well, and combining it with music. When I aren’t working on music or being busy with school, I spend my time with friends or watching movies.


How would you describe the hip hop landscape in Groningen?


Close to none existing, all major hip hop-artists are based in the big cities; Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, etc. A select few musicians work in the hip hop scene here in Groningen


Where can we find you? So we can get informed about new projects


Instagram: @Vincent 

Twitter: @Vincentdeboer 

Tiktok:  @Vincent    

Or my official website:

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