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Breezy Obama Presents Part 2 Pookie’s Revenge New Film

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Breezy Obama’s film “On Site – Pookie’s Revenge Pt.2 ” is a hit urban movie that has the streets buzzing right now. This tale follows a revived Pookie Johnson on the hunt for revenge on the gritty streets of Queens, New York. The producer Breezy Obama (Sonoma)  a host and comedian of TheBreezyLakeShow; he’s a Haitian American from New York City. He hopes to connect more with his nationality through the Pookie film. The movie will connect with its audience who will be able to relate to some of the things the main character Pookie goes through regardless of their background. 

After being pardoned by President Donald Trump, Pookie does a 360 and turns his life around for the better as he tries to make his second chance count.  However with his number 1 enemy Jason “Red” Cortez laying low, follow along as a web of old grudges, sex and betrayal lead Pookie down a murderous path to find out why he was shot.


The highly requested urban film is a follow up to the hood classic in comparison to  ‘Money and Violence’.


The team is hoping the film will inspire more independent producers to go out and create their projects. The film is an emotional roller coaster filled with humor that makes for the perfect movie night.

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