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C.Rowe feat. Roney – “When I’m Up” Official Music Video Premiere

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As promised, C.Rowe concluded 2020 with the intent of defining his sound and presenting his fans with detailed, profound productions. Every piece of work, specifically when it comes to visuals, has been able to emit emotion and encourage listeners to dig deeper when it comes to understanding and connecting with the upcoming artist. In the last music video “Long Nights”, fans get to see C.Rowe preforming his established, signature melodic sound accompanied by pink, neon butterfly visuals throughout Downtown Mississauga. Which seems to be one of the reoccurring themes viewers can now pick out in the newest release.

After months of anticipation, C.Rowe dropped stunning visuals for the hit single “When I’m Up” on May 23rd, 2021. The song features Regent Park’s very own, Roney who compliments C.Rowe’s rhythmic cadences with a raw and authentic verse creating a newly renowned collaboration. This music video became necessary after the single accumulated a great number of streams, however, this video’s significance is beyond its high demand. “When I’m Up” plays a role in an unraveling story C.Rowe has been presenting his fans through unique imagery and lyrical expression. The visuals make it apparent that the artist is taking his fans through a specific experience, the ending scene in “Long Nights” shows C.Rowe falling asleep, perhaps implying that these videos take place in a dream-like state, which would explain the neon butterflies mentioned before and the neon birds spotted in the new visuals. The closing scene of “When I’m Up” then shows the artist approaching a house, knocking on the door and then seeing C.Rowe’s severely bruised face through the perspective of the person answering the door. Based on these strategic “bridge” scenes, it’s safe to assume the next music video will be connected to that ending scene and continue this artist-defining journey with his listeners.

The music video is distinct in the Toronto hip-hop scene as it is truly focused on artistry, but to C.Rowe and Roney it is an embodiment of what they represent through their work. These visuals seem to portray the idea of freedom very well, the opening scene shows C.Rowe at an airport which could be interpreted as escaping obstructions and obstacles in your path; whereas the city shots symbolize opportunity and fortune. Roney’s scene’s significance to freedom is evident through the idea of seclusion, he is seen alone in a quiet, open area, contradictory to the city setting yet both depictions of freedom. This video has the ability to invoke emotion and connection that is rare to find and will leave viewers anticipating the next piece in this puzzle that C.Rowe has been gradually giving to his listeners.

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