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Kitty Gata-Force to Be Reckoned With!

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Kitty Gata is a Brooklyn, New York native that has been rising in stardom over the last year. This  female HipHop artist has created quite the name for herself as she amassed over 250,000  supporters on Instagram and has a hit single featuring Method Man out now. Kitty Gata is not new  to the entertainment world, though, for she has been recording and making music since the age of  15. Kitty is also known for her acting and comedy sketches. She is a refreshing breath of fresh air,  as she does not make mumble rap. Rather Kitty Gata is known for her lyrical raps and the vocals to  back herself up. Even if you are not from Brooklyn, you should be adding Kitty Gata to your list of  favorite New York Artists. She is already releasing classics, and her new single Lust will not  disappoint when it drops in June of 2021. Follow Kitty on instagram and subscribe to her YouTube  today. You won’t want to miss this level-up. 

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