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Top 10 Rising Stars May 2021

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Frank D., a Nashville,TN native, started writing in his notepad in class in 5th grade which is also the time  he started playing around with beats. He has been creating non-stop since 17! He learned the importance of hard-work from an independent, single-mom who is his superhero.  

His main platform is Instagram, but his music is available on all streaming platforms.He has a video  dropping soon for his single Mad off of his debut album Conflicted. 

2. KSMG 

Always KayG, from Chicago, Illinois, is celebrating the release of his newest album TYRANNY. The  album is about accepting who you are, even if it means you’re a bad person (tyrant). It is about  overcoming the struggles of everyday life and rising to the occasion in the  

face of doubt. The best place to find AlwaysKayG is on twitter or instagram @AlwaysKayg. He  promises that he has new music all summer Releasing through his independently owned record label  Always 1616.


Stuxxa Jay, based out of Columbia, Maryland, started making music last year, in 2020, during the  COVID-19 pandemic. This producer makes new beats all day from the comfort of his home. One major  influence, and hero, of Jadon English is The Notorious BIG. He just dropped four brand new beats which  are for sale either through lease or exclusive license. You can find him on his instagram at @stuxxa2x.  Tune in today to find out why he is number three on the top ten! 


Chellz Tha Great, who resides in Newark, NJ, began making music in 2006. He is currently working on a  new EP called Black Summer Freestyles which is a three volume project. The first of the three volumes is  set to release in the next three weeks. He released two projects in 2021 which have reached a collective  150,000 plays across streaming platforms. Chellz is looking forward to filming and releasing new visuals,  and he has new merchandise on the way to celebrate his new three volume project. Find him on Instagram  at @ChellzThaGreat. 

5. KILO F 

Kilo F., of Dallas, Texas, was ten years old the first time he started creating music and recording. He  frequently recalls his first studio session being in a garage, and he takes in all of his success as he notes  the transition to professional recording studios. Kilo F is currently working on his album No paperwork  and numerous singles. He has two tracks out with LeaderWeUp, too. You can find him on Instagram at @Kilo_rollinrollin and on Soundcloud and  YouTube by typing in Kilo F. 


LeaderWeUp, another Dallas, Texas musician, started his musical journey in 2010.His next project that is about to drop is entitled Follow the Leader. This is an album consisting of straight bangers including the  songs Paid, How it Turned Out, and A Show. To find his music or social media, type in leaderweup. Look  out for his new song Goals coming soon to all streaming platforms. Leader had this to say to his  supporters, “For all my people staying focused, and at least trying, it is alright to help the people around  you. Everybody can shine together.” 


Spilla, who resides in Troy, New York, started making music in 2006 when he was recording freestyles  and uploading them directly to facebook music. He claims that DMX is a major influence of his as DMX was the one who showed him how to put his heart into music.


The Project Spilla is currently working is called HEAT WAVE. He released his latest single Little More  on May 21st, and he is determined to build a larger and more dedicated fan base.You can find him by  typing in Spilla518 on Instagram and FaceBook. His song Sex Talk just hit 20,000 streams! 


Billy Vetti, from Atlanta GA, Started making music at age 13. He is working on a new project entitled  Backcourt which features production by Phresh Bueller and collaborations with artists Tea Tyauna, Curtis  Dro, GrapeSoda Henderson, and Dre Myers. He has a new single releasing called “Venice Beach”  produced by Phresh Bueller and a collaboration tape coming with Mello Matt. Find him on Twitter and  Instagram @billyVetti and search Billy Vetti on all streaming platforms . 


Dell “Jodey Jones” Marshall is an Indianapolis musician who started creating music in 2006. He has an  EP set to release on June 23rd, and his album I Am The Goat 2 is dropping in September. He claims that it is going to be a different vibe but the same story and the same Jodey Jones. His music is on all platforms  from Spotify to Apple Music. Fans need to get hype about a new collaboration album coming called  L.A.I.N.E with Nigerian artist Highmusix SA.  

10. RELLY V 

Really V, based out of West Baltimore, Maryland, is a music empowered by a high school breakup at the end of his senior year. He currently has two full projects completed, and is expecting to create at least three more. His newest project is entitled WAP SEASON, and it is for all of the party animals out  there. Filled with lit music and good vibes, people are going to love this project. The best way to find  Relly V is on any social platform by typing in the hashtag RellyV. His message to his fans is, “I love y’all  more than anything! Y’all make me work harden, and when I am at my lowest, I know that I will still  create the best music for you for you guys no matter how long it takes.”

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