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Que9 & 17th Street Mula, Two Rising Teenage Rap Sensations

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Stemming from two different places of Detroit and Mississippi, respectively, Que9 and 17th Street Mula are two seventeen-year-olds whose synergy together go smoother than butter on bread! That’s right, going off each other’s youthful energy, exceptional abilities to switch up rap styles, & pure authenticness, Que9, and 17th Street Mula are up next in rap duos that can become household names in every region of the world!

“From the first day in the studio together, we just were cool with each other. The chemistry between us is so natural and pure that the music we make is amplified tenfold!” – Que9 and 17th Street Mula on rapping together.

The two are “built differently” due to their rougher upbringings. Still, their origins help them craft music separately and together that touches the lives of millions worldwide regardless of age group. These two seventeen-year-old rappers’ bright and burgeoning minds captivate current and future fans of all religions, cultures, and skin complexions. So far, they have two upbeat and energetic singles out that are well-received, titled “40 Yard Dash” and “Just Dance.”

On May 28th in particular, however, the two will change the game with a super influx track titled “Zoom” that has the potential to become a Billboard hit, but for now, enjoy the two artists’ music together and separately; they’re young stars with a bright future.

Below is their latest effort, “40 Yard Dash,” which appeared on BET and amassed over 600k views in a week & ½. This should give readers a good indication of the potential “Zoom” shall have.

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