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From guarding receivers to scratching turntables: How DJ Franco discovered his love for music after a tragic end to a promising football career.

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Dj Franco started his career when he was 10-years-old at his church. The church hired him as a   sound systems manager. As a sound systems manager, he was  in charge of  connecting cables and wires through the building and levelling out microphones for church services. This profound experience is what shaped his familiarity with music systems which transpired his passion to music.

Career Influenced By A Hamstring Injury

Dj Franco studied at the University of Florida and played football, which funded his education. His endeavors in the sport came to an abrupt end when he suffered a Hamstring Injury. He was left with two choices: continue playing football and possibly become physically disabled for the rest of his life or find a new career path that does not involve heavy physical activity After watching local Dj Olympus at an event, he asked him to  be his mentor. After discovering a new passion, he decided to take it seriously by practicing many hours to perfect his craft and taking advantage of every gig that comes in front of him.

Other Ventures

Dj Franco recently produced a podcast series, which helped his hometown commissioner of  Desmond, Duncan Walker close out her winning campaign. He is also working on starting a boating excursion experience in Tampa with the objective to take people around the coast, and expose Tampa’s beautiful coastal scene. Also, his own promotional night life company, Thegettyteam Official has recently partnered with sponsors Fat Dogs Spirits and Nirvana CBD Liquor is gaining attention.

In Conclusion

You can clearly observe that Dj Franco is an exceptionally hard working person, who is ready to take advantage of the opportunities that come along his way. He is currently about to close a deal with two radio stations, and having one of his own soon. Stay tuned and watch this super talent flourish to a higher level in the industry on his social media pages,  @djfrancolive and Instagram @francois561

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