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An Interview with Jay Pareil, the Rising Star of Rap

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Jay Pareil has managed to release two singles in the last 18 months. We wanted to know where he finds his motivation from… so we Zoom chatted with him to ask.

Those who don’t know the name yet are in for a real treat. We managed to score an interview with the coolest new rapper on the hip hop scene in Philadelphia county. While the rest of us were cowering from the pandemic, he was working hard to keep his brand on the tip of every music producer’s tongue.

You can catch up with Jay Pareil’s work on SoundCloud, find him on Spotify, or watch his official music videos on YouTube. For now, let’s skip over the formalities and get straight to the good stuff…

The Interview

Q: Hi Jay… We’re a little starstruck. It’s good to have you on the chat with us.

A: Hi, it’s good to be here, well. I haven’t left the house, but you know what I mean.

Q: Well – what’s it like to be the rising star of the rap world?

A: Surreal. Yeah, that’s the right word for it. One day I’m rapping on the streets with the guys, the next minute I’m talking about releasing a whole single.

Q: And you have two singles out at the moment, don’t you?

A: At the moment, yeah, just the two. We’re working on the album, it’s just we’re not sure when it’s going to be finished but watch this space. Oh yeah, and the two singles, my debut was December 2019, and the song was called Digital Math. The second one was last year, and it’s called Hop Slide. Shameless plug of my tunes, I know, but you get them both in the Apple Music Store.

Q: Oh yes! We missed that one at the beginning there. So, you say you’re working on the album… any gossip you can share? Anything you can tease us with?

A: Nah man, I’m not allowed to talk about it. I can tell you that we will be dropping another tune before the end of this year, God willing, that is. There’s been all these restrictions and stuff. It affects how much we can do in the studio… we can’t all be there at the same time, so it makes it harder to work in.

Q: That’s awesome to hear… Make sure you send us a copy when it comes out. We touched on it briefly a minute ago – but what’s it like to be working in the rap industry in the middle of a pandemic?

A: Yeah, it’s difficult, not gonna lie. There’s a lot of young rappers have just given up their dreams now. The pandemic was like the last straw. You want studio time, you need cash; you want cash, you have to work. There Are kids doing 12 hour shifts just so they can save up for an hour to record the single… Covid-19 destroyed a whole lot of dreams.

Q: Isn’t that the truth… Jay, thanks for coming. For you folks at home, you can follow our esteemed guest on Twitter, but do go and give his tunes a listen to. Jay, you have some pretty fire beats.

A: (Laughs)

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