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SK1NANDBONEZ Drops Off “Dollar and a Dream” Visual off his Latest Project, The Delta Way 2

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Long Beach artist SK1NANDBONEZ is back with a new visual. Fresh off the release of his tape ‘The Delta Way 2,’ he shares with his audience the video for “Dollar and a Dream” which is a cathartic song where SK1NANDBONEZ gets honest and vulnerable with his fans about his journey.


Dollar and a Dream” opens with SK1NANDBONEZ strumming a guitar, posting up on a bench on a desolate beach area. Deserted and worn away, little is left of the town as SK1NANDBONEZ travels along playing his guitar roaming the forgotten town and singing along to the song.


In the video, audiences see SK1NANDBONEZ give a passionate performance, showcasing his musical skills as a rising artist. As the video transitions from one scene to another, SK1NANDBONEZ sings his heart out, strumming his guitar. The song has a melodic feel, telling the story of him having “a dollar and a dream.”


The dichotomy of the two types of settings in the visual showcases the theme of SK1NANDBONEZ being on his way out to pursue his passions.


As seen in the lyrics for “Dollar and a Dream,” SK1NANDBONEZ references his struggle and need for success. “All I got is a dollar and a dream, couple pounds of some weed, break it down so I can double up. Won’t stop until it’s busting out the seams.” SK1NANDBONEZ is on his grind in this song, literally starting from the trenches and putting in the work to make it.


The setting is the perfect location for the theme of the track. It seeps ambition and determination, a factor that sets SK1NANDBONEZ apart from others and is a determiner for his future success.


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Check out SK1NANDBONEZ’s latest visual for his track “Dollar and a Dream.” 

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