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Meet Producer Hardbody B-Eazy and the Community that Shaped Him

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Jackie L. Plant, Jr. had to take a chance on himself. The well-known producer, better known as Hardbody B-Eazy, has had an unstoppable work ethic ever since he got his start in production around 2017. He decided to double down on producing to eventually get to where he is today — but it took him much longer to see a clear way forward. At one point, he was working as a paint inspector and a sandblaster, which he had been doing since he was in highschool. When he decided to quit, he revealed in a recent interview that he turned to the streets to sell drugs and saw that as another way out. 

Eventually, he found his passion for music and realized that he could make a full-time career out of producing when his studio, Hardbody Studios, began to gain serious traction in 2017. His work ethic became unmatched and he started to solidify his name as a producer in the area.

It was his production on projects such as Spitta’s “Boys in the Rouge” andShottas 2”  that helped change the game for Hardbody B-Eazy and showed him what was possible in the world of music.

“Those tapes really helped line up the future for me — who knows where I’d be without those bodies of work,” Hardbody B-Eazy said. “After those tapes came out, I gained a real local presence and it solidified my role as a producer.”

However, his consistent work ethic led him to also work and come up with fellow Baton Rogue-native Fredo Bang — where he was able to cement his producer legacy and really lock in.

Some of Hardbody B-Eazy’s most notable productions with Fredo include “Gangsta Talk,” ft. NLE Choppa, “Trust Issues,” “Bag Talk,” and most recently “Top” ft. Lil Durk (recently RIAA certified Gold). On Bang’s most recent album, In The Name Of Gee (Still Most Hated), he was also in charge of the bulk of the recording, songwriting, and engineering.

“You’ve got to be about investing in people and relationships in this industry,” Hardbody B-Eazy explained. “So I was always more focused on building my brand than getting a quick check.”

Now, Hardbody has plenty of notable records under his belt and he’s nowhere near done. When asked about a project that he’s most proud of, Hardbody responded:

“The project I’m most proud of is Still Most Hated by Fredo Bang. I feel like it showcases true growth from me and that’s what drives me, getting better. I’m serious about this s–t and I’m in my bag right now. I put my all into that tape. But Fredo really has grown as an artist, I think in ten years people will still be talking about what we did with that project.”

But, despite Hardbody B-Eazy coming a long way without many available resources, he did have a solid group and support system who he worked with along the way that contributed in some way to his journey. 

When asked about people that played an essential role in his life and career, Hardbody B-Eazy had an entire list of people that he wanted to mention. 

“Just to name a few, Lajafia, Nipp, BooLane C4L, Tron Gotti, Promise, JROC, MANAIC-, PLock, Tarik, Brown Gotti 1, Dummy, CarlyHQ, babey Dee, Jayenic, Heero, Cmo, Jizle (manager), DEADLY (manager), Keith, Sam (manager), Bam,” he said.

Keep up with Hardbody B-Eazy and his next ventures on Instagram @hardbody_beazy.

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