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The Science behind COVID Dreams

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GrowthwithMatty’s first EP, “Covid Dreams,” merges art and science in a beautiful way.

According to Scientific American, the stress and anxiety of social distancing, the isolation of quarantine, the fear of stepping out into an uncertain space where friends’ faces are often almost obscured by masks, has turned the outside world into a dreamscape. 1

But even worse, the dream-like days of COVID-19 have been powerful enough to also alter how we dream at night.

Almost immediately, we began dreaming more, and many of our dreams – and nightmares – were about COVID. 

It was a 24/7 onslaught of anxiety.

Music can help erase stress symptoms

Music, however, is a powerful thing, and according to the journal Psych Central, it can reduce signs of stress, including elevated pulse and heart rate, an increase in stress hormones, and higher blood pressure. 2

Music connects with the limbic system of the brain, where our feelings and emotions live. When we’re anxious about something like COVID-19, a flood of stress hormones – the fight-or-flight hormones our caveman ancestors needed to escape a wooly mammoth, for example – sends anxiety into overdrive, because we can’t run from a global pandemic.

What we can do, however, is turn on some music, which brings those stress hormones under control more quickly than simply waiting it out. 3

GrowthwithMatty helps ease stress with music

We can also take a cue from GrowthwithMatty, who focused on his own music during the pandemic. Creating music releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that are powerful enough to take down stress-related hormones with their sheer strength.

Because his songs tell us through each note how he was feeling, listening also releases endorphins, since there is such a personal element to “Covid Dreams.” It reflects a freedom from stress, as if he was able to brush off COVID-19 and focus on a healing project like his EP to help all of us recover from what was a really difficult year.

Because his works are instrumental, and communicate in a more powerful way, GrowthwithMatty’s music reveals a man who doesn’t get stressed out. The beautiful beats in songs like “Life Goes On” are soothing as a cup of tea on a cold day, and the sexiness of “Yard Twist,” which inspires sinewy dance moves, reminds us that we are alive and we survived.

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