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Tatted Swerve: Why Digital Platforms Have a Critical Role Today for Musicians

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The invention of digital platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with people. For artists like Tatted Swerve music is passion, emotions, and a way to resonate with his audiences. He is one such upcoming artist in the world of music who is passionate about his art.

Tatted Swerve had a troubled childhood, and he expressed his emotions through music, painting, and art. He started rapping at a very young age with his school friends and kept getting better at it as he put out more and more songs. To have a steady income, he started painting and working as a tattoo artist. His debut music single “Come Home” featuring Coi Leray was well received and demonstrated a promising career with his melodic sound. Before the advent of technology and social media platforms, it was challenging to reach out to the audience. The only way one could share their music was with the help of big music labels and radio networks playing their music.

With the introduction of social media, Tatted Swerve can now share his music, paintings, and tattoo artwork with his followers. The audience will let the artist know whether they like or dislike their content by liking, commenting, or even speaking to them. With a direct connection to their favorite artist, the audiences feel like they have a personal bond with the artist and his music. The audience can not only know their work but also keep up with their lives and interests. It helps the artist gain traction developing a relationship when the audience relates to them. It will help the artist to not only find new fans but also to keep their long-term fans listening to their music. It gives an artist a platform to express their thoughts and feelings. The audiences on social media platforms are a form of community that supports their artists. Having a community of committed listeners will encourage and help establish the musical act. These platforms enable the artist to promote their music with their followers sharing it with other people, reaching a wider audience worldwide. The digital age has opened up vast opportunities for new talents. If an artist is talented, the content will remain the king.

While the world of social media might seem like a double-edged sword, an artist should see it as an opportunity that will help them. These platforms can help reach out to new and old fans who can hear and appreciate their music. When utilized correctly, social media can empower the artist to do things and get opportunities that they could not before the internet.

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