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Born In Music, Raised In Music: Proper John Had Made Music His Everyday Lifestyle

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Right now, somewhere deep in the Magic City of Miami, Florida, Proper John is likely in the studio, doing what he has always done — making music. He is a self-produced singer and rapper who attests that music is not just a talent for him but a lifestyle. He started making music at an age he can’t even remember, and he’s always known that one day he would be one of the greats. Proper John says he was literally going to music classes while he was still in the womb. “My mom was studying music at the University of Florida when she was pregnant with me. Eighteen years later, I was studying music there as well. So, I’ve always been making music. When I was five, I decided I wanted to be a rock star. Somewhere along the line, I became a rapper, but the dream remains. It’s always been music for me,” he says.

His lifestyle revolves around the studio, and you can find him there almost every day. When he’s not in the studio, you’ll find him on the beaches of Key Biscayne or a waterside bar where the music isn’t so loud. “I do my own audio engineering, so I’m protecting my ears. I save the clubbing for when I’m on stage,” he adds.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was Proper John’s childhood hero. They were neighbors in Idaho during the summers. As a kid, Proper used to go over there for playdates to hang out with the Schwarzeneggers. “I remember Arnold shaking my hand while he ran over a tree in a six-wheeler one time. I didn’t even know he was famous until I got older.”

Proper is currently working on a new project called “The BOAT.” He claims it’s the best thing he’s ever made. “I’m doing all the production and engineering myself just like I did for Sky High, but this project has four songs, and they’re all fire.”

If you want to connect with Proper John, he is @properjohnmusic on all platforms, but Instagram is his preferred means of social media. It’s where he posts sneak peeks of the music he’s working on. “If you want to see behind-the-scenes footage of The BOAT coming to fruition, follow me on the gram. That’s where all the Proper fans are at.”

Instagram: @properjohnmusic

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