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Meet Sanade: An emerging multi-faceted music professional.

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Striking the right chord in the hearts of the audiences with his mesmerizing tracks is Sanade.

Entertainment and music industry has been one big ocean housing many different and discrete talents. But to create music with collaboration of perfect rhythm, tempo, and sound is not an easy task at all. Very few talented and blessed professionals have it in them to pull this off successfully and deliver to entertain large masses of audiences. The music industry has been flooded with umpteen number of music artists, singers, composers, songwriters and producers but hardly few of them make the cut to become successful. We came across one such young budding talent roaring to take the music industry by storm with his innate skills and expertise, Sanade.

Sanade has been one passionate and driven musical soul changing the aura of music with modern touch effectively and spiraling his way to the top in the music niches. Being highly inclined towards the world of music since childhood, it was no brainer for Sanade to choose the music industry as a career and profession. Sanade worked diligently hard, day and night to master his skills and expertise and develop a panache for himself. Given in long hours of practice and honing his musical skills, Sanade has to grind himself hard initially to establish himself as a true-blue singer and music professional. Today, his mesmerizing voice has taken aback millions of listeners across the world. Few of his enchanting tracks that have left the audience spellbound are “BELONGING, I M, SHE, MUMMY, RUNNING”. The blessing of his fans and industry have built his confidence positively propelling him in many ways to create more special music.

Sanade has also been instrumental in building a loyal fan base of followers which can be easily seen through his different social media accounts. All of them have been eagerly waiting for his next release, and so are we!

We hope his next track will be out soon which will certainly break many records. Stay Tuned!

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