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Upcoming Artist “il bebè G” – Albany, New York

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Upcoming Artist “il bebè G” coming out of Albany, New York. She started making music a few years ago but the more she has taken her music seriously, being a homebody grew on her proudly. il bebè G’s projects are unreleased. She has a strong support team of fans across the world. She has dedicated a new song to her loyal fans, her music video called “Down 2 Ride”, coming soon. She is coming in hard. il bebè G says her childhood heroes are her big brother and pops. Her mother passed away when she was only three so growing up with no mom, G was shaped to think like a man, hustle like a man, so she owes it to them for her warrior mentality. Not being raised by females would be hard for most but if it wasn’t for them, she would never be the independent boss that she is today. Once she is finished with a few more music videos, she will begin releasing them one by one out the vault! She’s been coolin out living it large in Miami for a few months now, laying down the blueprints for her new EP, and she has started her second video. Make sure you lock her in on Instagram @ilbebeg so she knows you’re loyal. She has been playing quiet on the media, only because everything has to be one right and smoothly before she makes her first move, everything will be perfect.
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