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Rapper Boss Ko Is Putting His Unique Twist On Music

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From the heart of Chicago, Boss Ko has been booming lately in terms of music-making and money-making. By showing off his true potential through multiple releases this year alone, Boss Ko has grown immensely as both an artist but also in the numbers and love he receives on each release.


For him, making music was always the plan. He’s always had music held closely throughout his entire life, but most recently, he’s taken away from music to not only invest in the future of his musicianship but also for the betterment of his financial situation. By taking to cryptocurrency, a highly sought-after and growing market is being used to its full potential from Boss Ko as his music platform and investment platform increase steadily.


With cryptocurrency becoming a bigger topic of conversation lately, Boss Ko is a prime example of doing your research to better you and those around you. While he’s not writing or recording at the studio, Boss Ko is busy watching the stocks as his portfolio grows. He’s held the title as the first cryptocurrency Chicago rapper and holds that name proudly. His music ties directly to his money moves as he progresses through his music career as a lifetime investor in himself and cryptocurrency.


You can keep up with Boss Ko and watch as his story continues to unfold on his Instagram here, check out his releases on Spotify here, as well as listen to his Apple Music page here.

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