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Yogi’s Heavenly Treats Is On The Move

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Every so often there’s a moment when we realize that it’s time to chase our dreams.
Heaven’s moment of enlightenment came while she was working her 9-5 at Suntrust. It was the moment she realized that money didn’t buy her happiness. She began asking the universe for signs of confirmation, when she noticed an abandoned ice cream truck for sale before her eyes. This would be the vehicle in which she would cultivate her empire. Yogi’s Heavenly Treats was born! Heaven now runs her own business, offering ice cream and snacks, including cookies, chips, soda, bottled water and THC products to name a few. One of Heaven’s biggest motivations is to show her daughter true entrepreneurial drive and to follow your heart. This is just the beginning for Yogis Heavenly Treats.

Location: Atlanta Ga
IG: @yogisheavenlytreat

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