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Keys FTV Is Getting The Traction He Deserves

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The New York based artist, Keys FTV is finally getting the attention he deserves. He gives a lot of inspiration to upcoming artists because he started in the similar positions that they are in right now.  He has made it out of humble beginnings and is now on a consistent rise to the top.


When he started his career on soundcloud back in 2015, he was dropping songs back to back to gain some traction. “We all starch from scratch” he stated. He knew that unless you are one of the very few artists that rose to the top in a short period of time, then it’s going to take time to perfect your craft. 


This was his life for a short period of time until he moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. When he moved there he was able to make some impressive connections and he decided to play the game smarter.


Since then he has been signed by 87thelabel, which has helped him tremendously in his career. It gives him a larger platform in the industry. Since being signed, he’s learned a lot about the business side of music. “It’s not always just about talent, some of the most talented artists will never make it” he says. 


This is why Keys FTV is unique. A lot of artists never worry about the business side of being a musician and they end up digging themselves into an even deeper hole. He is making all the right moves.  


If you are interested in learning more about Keys FTV:

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