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From Humble Beginnings to Working with the Top Names in the Industry: The Journey of Jake Shaw

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Music is created to be heard, and every artist making music hopes that it will reach as many listeners as possible. In sharing music, you give it the power to move people. Jake Shaw is a man who curates tracks that create musical movements and trends. His music promotion agency, YourOwnMusic, has the power to get new songs heard by millions. Jake Shaw built his success through an inspiring journey, from humble beginnings to working with top names in the industry.

Jake Shaw grew up in the north of England with a determination to build something bigger than himself. He knew from a young age that he wanted to create something that could make an impact. His journey would take him to the online music industry, an industry that was rocketed into the stratosphere with the launch of the music platform Spotify. His agency YourOwnMusic creates organic growth strategies for artists to find newer audiences. Since its launch, Jake Shaw has worked with some of the top names in the music industry, from the influential D.J. Skrillex to the trending rapper Young Thug. Speaking of his transformation from a dreamer to a creator, Jake says, “It wasn’t always an easy path to follow, but I knew that if I stayed determined, it would lead to success.”

In 2015, Jake Shaw combined his interest in the organic online promotion of music and his desire to create something that could make an impact to launch his own agency, YourOwnMusic. He is currently classed as the biggest independent Spotify playlist curator in the U.K., and his humble beginnings are just a faint reflection in comparison to his glittering present which sees him working with the biggest names in music.

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