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Getting To Know N.F.L Nique

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N.F.L Nique is a breath of fresh air for a lot of people. This Charlotte, NC based artist is talented, versatile, and understands what it takes to make good music.

He often gets asked what the “N.F.L ” is his name stands for. He states, ” It signifies No Fake Love. It’s an abbreviation of my lifestyle. There are a lot of people who try to take advantage of you in this industry, so I do my due diligence.” He treats his team as a family, which gives him steadfast love and keeps him away from counterfeit love. One of the surprising things that you might not know about N.F.L Nique is that he spent some time in prison. But once he got released from being locked-up in 2017, he decided to transform his life from no aim to full passion. He turned to music and utilized all his energy and focus on becoming one of the hottest rappers out of Charlotte.

He respects past generations of rappers and classics. “It’s what made it what it is today” he stated. I try to recreate sounds passed down from generation to generation and I believe that that is what sets you apart from a “little” local rapper. He gives credit to Jay Z & Master P. He believes that you need to put all your energy into one passion, music. He is against doing everything for a quick dollar because you don’t build anything meaningful doing that.

In his opinion, “a true artist is the one who follows his passion and works hard to come up with unique and exciting content in the music instead of just focusing on changing their lifestyle”. This is why his style is unique, and he constantly thinks out of the box to surprise his fans with his creative music every time.

N.F.L Nique is quite active on social media and interacts with his fans off and on. He doesn’t try to have a target audience, he tries to appeal to as many people as he can since he believes we are all living the same reality.


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