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Unsigned L.A. Indie Artist Fatty2Dope Trends on Youtube after The Premiere of his New Single “TRUE STORY” Tops 3 Million Views in Just 3 Days

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Meet Fatty2Dope! The indie artist out of Los Angeles, California that recently debuted his new single entitled “TRUE STORY” and the fans have been buzzing over it since.

In late February, Fatty2Dope made headlines and went viral after he premiered his new single along with the music video for “TRUE STORY” the same day to YouTube. The music video- which features West Coast rapper D. Savage, was a completely independent process by Fatty2Dope – where he wrote, recorded, thought of the creative concept, filmed and even premiered the song and video by himself- an unsigned Indi artist. Within the first 3 days, the music video for TRUE STORY had hit well over 3 MILLION VIEWS and began trending on YouTube. I asked Fatty2Dope why he thought this record has reached the level of success that it has and according to Fatty2Dope he credits none other than his fans. Fatty2dDope tells me:

“I think the fans really love TRUE STORY because a lot of kids can relate to the lyrics of the song. Especially what they are hearing and seeing in the video. And those that can’t relate- well I think it’s because they sorta romanticize the lifestyle.”


To date, TRUE STORY has garnered almost 4 Million views in less than 3 months setting the bar pretty high for an unsigned independent artist with no management, no deal and no team behind him – just himself and a mind full of creative ideas that he manifested and a song that the fans genuinely believe in.

Fatty2Dope tells me that TRUE STORY is in fact based on a true story. The single, as he puts it,


“Pays homage not only to myself, but to any kid who experienced an overcrowded unfocused inner city High School experience. With this song my goal was to portray that through the lyrics and also through the video.” PEEP THE LYRICS BELOW!

“I would jump off the porch/Before I head to the school/ They had the metal detectors

But I still snuck in the tool/Now my homies skipping class they be acting a fool

And there’s a bad Puerto Rican bitch making me drool

The creative concept of the viral music video itself is high- end and realistic. The video is filmed in a high school with Fatty2Dope, D. Savage and a bunch of other students who are all wearing that West Coast influenced Khaki type uniform. Fatty2Dope tells me:


“When I was thinking of the concept for the video I really took my time thinking of what I wanted to portray. I wanted the video to feel as authentic as possible while really putting the lyrics into perspective.  I wanted to go for a inner city look to portray that real high school experience that I myself experienced. I went to a school with about 400 kids and it was overcrowded.”

Now that the fans have sent his very first single viral, I was curious to know how he can top the success of TRUE STORY so I asked Fatty2Dope what’s next.

“Streetz N Motelz” is the next single I’m dropping soon about yo’ city streetz and motelz. I have a lot more up my sleeve but I’m not the type to speak about things before they actually happen so you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. Peep The Preview Below for Streetz n Motels Below!

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