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Jamal Ahmed: Music The World Needs To Hear

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Jamal Ahmed is a deep, lyrical artist that spits relatable stories through his projects. All we can say is Jamal makes these records bleed. The cuts are deep, the truth is raw and that is exactly how this modern day genius delivers. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Jamal Ahmed’s strong belief in loyalty, honor and a fear of God is heavily prevalent within all of his music.

“It’s not about the money, or the fame–it’s about purpose and intent.” Says Jamal. Influenced by soul, gospel and hip-hop music at the age of 17 yrs old,he started writing and recording his own records pouring his soul into each and everyone. Describing his trials and tribulations by punch lines and straight bars that truly make a lasting impression.

“Hitter walked off with a grand slam wont take another black man down ima pray he gets his crown.”-Jamal Ahmed , Crowned

In 2019 Jamal Ahmed released his 3rdstudio album titled ‘Pain Project’ under LETZ HAV IT Music (LHI). With an unmatched commitment to his craft and the love for creating music Jamal consistently gives his fans a different level of artistry that only the elite can rival. In his recent single “Crowned” Jamal links up with Philadelphia emcee FakeFree KP to touch on injustices and violence within the black communities across the country. Aiming to give listeners a different thought process ,Jamal Ahmed brings the harsh realities of life over complex beats with the intent to share positivity and give people hope of change worldwide.

Check out Jamal Ahmed’s recent single “Crowned” featuring FakeFree complimented by one of the most fire visuals we’ve seen in awhile. For updates follow @jamal_ahmed_lhi and on Instagram.

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