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Exclusive Interview With Music Producer/Artist & Promoter Whymen Grindin

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So where are you from?
I was born in San Francisco, CA and raised in the East Bay suburb of Union City, CA

How was your upbringing?
It was good, I was raised in a two parent household & and I was a 3 sport athlete playing starting Quarterback in football, also varsity basketball and baseball.

Sounds like you had a good childhood, was their any adversity or trials and tribulations?
Yes, even though Union City was the suburbs,  it was a lot of shit going on. It was gangs , drugs and most of the kids parents & families where from the hood so we was apart of that world. Three of my good friends were shot and killed by the time I was 19 years old.

Crazy! Yeah people sleep on the suburban areas. So, how did you eventually get into music and move to Atlanta?
I was always somewhat into music , and I played the trumpet as a youngster in the band. And, after I had my son at 19, I know that there was more out there in the world besides the Bay Area. My good friend and basketball teammate had moved down to Atlanta to go to Morehouse College, and he basically set everything up for me to move so I packed my shit and got the hell on lol.

Yeah Atlanta has long been the spot for Artists, producers and musicians for awhile now, how did you actually get in the music game?
It all came together pretty quickly, one of my friends cousin was interning at LaFace Records & that inspired me to intern at SoSo Def under Lil Jon on the street team, which eventually turned into me working under mix engineer Phil Tan and then eventually meeting Jermaine Dupri. That was cool , but I always wanted to do my own thing , so me and my guy from LaFace started our own management/production company and signed our first artist.

So is that when you got more heavy into production?
Yes, my role was production and studio, and my partner was more into art direction & booking shows. We eventually got a single deal for our artist with Stonegroove/Warner Music UK.

Okay so fast forward, how did you get into promotions?
Well, ever since I started with So So def street team, I say that the quick money was in the shows & clubs. And my friend from Morehouse was a big party promoter back in the Bay Area throwing some of the biggest college parties at the time. So once I got a little dissolution from the music game , I jumped two feet in the promo game. I started off doing open mic nights under P Brown and her  Street Talk Magazine and she eventually introduced my to Shanod Johnson
and HNIC ent. And eventually started doing the biggest parties in the city of Atlanta.

Can you name some of the artists you guys booked?
Yes, basically everyone from Young Money Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, to Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent to even today’s artists Lil Baby, Money Bagg yo & Da Baby. Basically everyone lol.

Oh okay that’s dope!, so how did you get start working with Kwony Cash?
Well I was at a P Brown event with my assistant at the time and he started performing and everyone in the crowd was singing along and I was like who is that? And my assistant was like that’s Kwony Cash he is the hottest in the city right now! I was like okay I let’s book him for my birthday party at my new club OJ’s Sports bar. I had booked Kwony ,  Rae Sremmurd & Zaytoven. He came and rocked the show so I was fucking with his movement. Then he got locked up on a murder case, and that basically killed his momentum. So when he eventually beat the case and got out, I booked him again for Magic City. And I felt like his sound was what I wanted for my return to the production game.

Okay, and I see ya’ll have a project coming out soon?
Yes On Life Vol 2 , the sequel project to On Life Vol 1 Deluxe Version which features Dope Boy Ra , Euro Gotit, Pop Lord , Lil Donald, Tiffany Evans , Runway Richy etc.
Dope! Thanks for your time today and we are looking forward to all your new upcoming projects in the future. In the meantime everyone check out On Life Vol. 1 streaming on all platforms.

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