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Denny Strickland feat. Juicy J – “I Got The Sauce” (Official Music Video)

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Singer-songwriter Denny Strickland is thrilled to release his newest single “I Got the Sauce” featuring hip-hop legend Juicy J. This is the second song the dynamic duo have collaborated on and showcases Strickland’s signature technique of melding Hip-Hop and Country.
Juicy J says, “It’s always a pleasure working with Denny. This is our second time working with each other and every time the song offers something special to the listener. This is a great song”.

Strickland echoes Juicy J saying “First thing I remember Juicy saying ‘it’s a hit man’… I love making music with my friends. ‘It’s a marathon not a race’…one of Juicy’s lines from our previous song ‘Don’t You Wanna’ and that’s the truth. ‘I Got The Sauce’ packs a punch the kind you need to make waves in this business. It’s an anthem! ‘Boots and hats yeah it says it all’…we had fun with it and it shows I can’t wait for you to hear this amazing song!”

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