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Q&A with artist KILO PARI7 on his anticipated single Hectic!

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What was your inspiration behind Hectic? 
The inspiration behind the hectic was life My cousin DJTeeb was murdered on Thanksgiving on top of all the different types of energies the world is throwing at us lately from the virus to police brutality. Life has been getting hectic, but I believe there is a lesson for us within all of this.
What do you want listeners to take away when they hear this song? 
What i want people to take away from this song is that no matter how hectic life can get, no matter how many different energies life throws at you dont ever give up on yourself and dream cause this won’t be the last time things get hectic in life, keeping positive energy and staying focused on what you believe in is key.
What is the storyline behind the visuals/video for the song?
The story behind the visuals on this one is just to express to the public how life has been for me lately. Even though life has been hard inside out for us in Michigan and around the world lately we still keep a smile on our face and stay on the grind nothing can stop us!
Who produced the song? 
Me and my brother Ghost on the production. When we work we just go from scratch, I start just saying ideas, melodies etc. and we just put a fire track together every time we work, he is one of the most talented producers I have ever worked with and the chemistry is just 100% when we step in the studio.
What makes this song different from the other singles you have released?
What makes this song different from the other singles is now I’m not just opening up emotionally to the audience but personally. I want people to understand KILO PARI7 not just as a artist but a human being and what better way is there to do that other than just giving you all of me and although i like to reflect a positive energy no matter how good or bad my life is going everyone knows life is not always positive and i plan on showing all of that not just with this release but so on.

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