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Omar Hassan Hints at Singing the Next T10 Anthem

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Success is a journey that takes you on an adventure where you get to meet people and form connections along the way. It means different things to diverse people; to some, success means having as much money as possible; to others, success is getting to do something they’ve always been passionate about.

Omar Hassan is an exemplary musician, songwriter, and music enthusiast who is making waves in the industry. He is immensely dedicated to his craft, as he continually works to develop his sound and music. Through his lyricism, you can hear his polished delivery and intuitive style that is quite enthralling.

Besides making music, Omar is also very passionate about helping other artists with their music. He has an imaginative way of bridging the gap between creative and modern influences. Through his efforts to work with other musicians, he has helped them learn the industry’s ins and outs and how to sell their music.

According to Omar, every musician should be rewarded for their craft, and he is more inclined to build long-lasting relationships than chase money. Asked about this, Omar  says that money is fleeting; it will not give you the satisfaction you need. While money is good to help you further your work, he is not too caught up in making money that he would abandon his craft and passion for helping other artists.

Omar Hassan has a clear vision for the kind of music industry he wants to be part of; it is not one driven solely by money but one where artist development is a priority. We need meaningful sounds and lyrics, and to achieve this, we need to empower musicians to understand the value of their music, notes Omar.

Omar’s commitment and integrity in his work have made him admirable, attracting other industry players to learn from him and feature his work in their magazines and publications. He believes that by developing long-lasting relationships with other musicians, they can create wholesome music that will outlast them.

Omar also weaves in his faith in his music through a hip-hop/pop signature sound that has helped many people find healing, hope, and purpose in life. His music is not just about exciting people at the moment; he is dedicated to creating music that touches people’s lives.

Omar prides himself in putting people over profits and ensuring that his work positively impacts people. He is just getting started as he has elaborate plans for his music and artist development efforts for the coming years.

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