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NOLA’s Own Zul-Qarnain Debut Single Black Romance

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The song is his first release under the name Zul-Qarnain and is the first song off of his upcoming album titled ‘The Khutbah’ which is set to be released in 2021. While this is first released under the name Zul-Qarnain he is not a newcomer in the industry, he had previously made a buzz under the moniker K Gates. If this song is anything to go by the New Orleans rapper is set to have an exciting year.

Zül-Qarnaįn is a hip-hop artist, filmmaker, fashion designer, and financial freedom fighter. Zül-Qarnaįn’s music is prolific and inspirational giving insight into the best way of life. His message is meant to enlighten, enrich, and empower the listener. Zül-Qarnaįn is on a journey to overcome obstacles and improve his life and others. Granted the ways and means to traverse the world and accomplish personal goals set, Zül-Qarnaįn’s brand will solidify him as an educator & leading figure in the market; sharing wisdom and knowledge with those who seek information.

Artist Quote

“Continue “financially freedom fighting”, and teach people about different opportunities to gain wealth. This is America, this is a capitalist country, we are all groomed to wanna be rich and that’s part of the culture of America. There are so many different ways that the enemy promotes for you to fall into the trap where you end up losing and ending up in prison, or dead, or in jail and unsuccessful in your quest to get money. I sometimes fall victim to it, nobody’s perfect, so all I can do is try to promote knowledge of real estate, finance, stock trading, and just being an entrepreneur, so that’s my plan for the future.”

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