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RayKatanna Spits on Track “Black Mona Lisa”

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Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, RayKatanna is following his own path and forging his way to accomplish his goals. This young and ambitious artist is willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the music industry. He recently released a single titled “Black Mona Lisa,” and he spits absolute bars.


Black Mona Lisa” features RayKatanna’s melodic vocals as he glides over the beat. His unique lyricism causes his words to intertwine with the flow of the song, creating something special every time he touches the studio.


RayKatanna is sticking to his route and getting where he wants in life. He is a driven individual with an enormous amount of talent who is bound to have a great career in music.


Stream RayKatanna’s song “Black Mona Lisa” on Spotify here.

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