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Dedication & Consistency Helped Propel Detroit Rapper Shah33d

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Dedication and consistency. Two words that are so powerful in their meaning, yet seem to challenge many of us mentally. The two words have been the cornerstone for the success of rising Detroit rapper Shah33d’s career.

The artist was supported from the jump by his parents, but didn’t let that keep him from going out and getting what was his. “I got to where I am today because I always found ways to create my own opportunities Instead of waiting for people to do things for me,” said Shah33d. “It’s all about dedication and consistency.”

The artist began making music back in 2013, but wasn’t confident to release any of his work until 2015. In 2017, Shah33d made his debut on all major streaming platforms with his project “One Day at a Time”. He’s been consistently releasing new music ever since.

While the artist has yet to drop anything new in 2021, listeners can only assume new music is on its way. The artists Spotify consistently stays around 15,000 monthly listeners, an impressive number considering the absence of new music.


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