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Jovan Wallace (Ghost) Is A Prime Example of Why Relationship Building is Crucial to Your Success.

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Jovan Wallace also known as “GHOST”  President and Founder of AllMasterMinds. Ghost is a well established entrepreneur from California whose experience spans across a wide variety of industries. He has 6+ years of Management experience and is a Silent Investor in a few other businesses within Fitness, Clothing, Transportation, Personal Protection Detail, Clubs and more.


Ghost says,  “I am no different from other people, the only thing that’s different is that I had to change the way I think. It changed my view, my actions, which lead to the change in my income and best of all the overall environment I was in.” To say the least, Ghost is self aware of the impact that his thoughts can have on output of his actions. All the best entrepreneurs are, which explains why he is where he is at today.


Ghost started with managing models, promoting club events, and eventually managing AMALA. AMALA was inquiring about management for her career when they first met, and the rest was history. Ghost has a natural talent for connecting with people, so much so that he connected with individuals such as CeoDenDen, BEZKnowsTalent , Irv Gotti, Rel Carter (JAY-Z’s Nephew), and more.  These solid connections gave him the knowledge to build a label. This label was built with known producers in the industry like CashMoneyAp,  ToneP, StaccsTheGreatest, LoKey and more. Then naturally he began connecting with amazing videographers, agents and more.


His Label has signed AMALA & NFL Nique for $250,000 each. As an independent label, this is a huge win. AMALA only has 3 songs out that has a combined stream count of over 1 million in less than a year.


By now, It is no surprise that Ghost is where he is at today because of his strict focus on synergy and relationship building. He says that his own successes are his team’s successes and that no awards can compare to what he sees his team as.


If you cannot reach Ghost personally, make sure to follow him on his social media. Where he will highlight and educate his followers on his entrepreneurial ventures and music.








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