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“Dime K.L.K” Is The Latest Single Release From Dubwork

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Calling Harlem, New Jersey home, Dubwork is an independent hip hop artist with an English and Spanish background looking to establish his name in the music industry. He has been working vigorously to improve his sound and make his music as good as it can be. Recently he released a song titled “Dime K.L.K,” and it is a banger.

“Dime K.L.K” puts Dubwork’s Spanglish combination on display. The evident Spanish influence in the beat paired with bars that switch between English and Spanish make for an absolute hit. Dubwork got everything right with this one and is looking to continue that trend.

Dubwork is putting in the hours to get his music career to the place he wants it to go. His efforts are being recognized, and his fan base is increasing for this reason. Look for Dubwork to continue to deliver for his fans and keep an eye out for any new projects Dubwork releases in the future.


Stream Dubwork’s “Dime K.L.K” on Spotify here.

Follow Dubwork on Instagram here.

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