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Baiiicola releases visuals to her first single ‘BITCH BAD

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Mississauga, ON – Emerging Mississauga artist, Baiicola has been the missing link within the industry and is officially establishing her place with the debut of her new single. “Bitch Bad” highlights her established attitude toward anyone hindering her perseverance while highlighting her passion and confidence behind each line.

The song allows us to interpret the artist’s characteristics however we’d like, and after digging a bit deeper it’s evident her pride stems from a more profound and concealed place, using music as an outlet.

“Music is the highest peak of my happiness”

From a young age Baiiicola has always been very intuitive, she matured quickly in order to adapt to her surroundings all while supporting and aiding her siblings in their endeavors. She uses both her positive and negative experiences and channels them into her music as they shaped her into the woman she is today.

“Experience has allowed me to create art with love, passion and all the toxicity”

Baiiicola believes her family, along with being a part of the black community gave her the stepping stones to become truly brave, enabling her to put her soul into each creation and do it proudly. With her poetic practise and unmistakable confidence, the young musician will be working on establishing her own advocacy for women. Her desire is to produce content that will encourage women to push their boundaries, persevere through heart-wrenching times, and turn their experiences into a form of beauty that they can forever draw energy from.

Baiiicola’s unorthodox lifestyle is essentially the fire beneath her constantly driving her ambition, this track is for those very women whose eccentricity goes undermined when truly it should be appreciated and celebrated. Staying educated and knowledgeable within the music industry is part of catering to your public which is why understanding Hip-Hop and RnB audiences is a devotion Baiiicola is striving for. She is now consciously and consistently surrounding herself with like-minded people in order to establish herself as well as her message word-wide.

With that being said, Baiiicola has now secured a devoted, loving and talented team to assist her in her art’s evolution. “Bitch Bad” was recorded at Medici Studios in Mississauga and the visuals were shot and edited by Royal Media. With an established team and an abundance of love to fuel her craft, we will, without a doubt, see much more from this powerful artist.

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