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DJ Bander Talks About The Highlights of His Career

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, with extensive music composition training From BAM, USC, and Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, DJ Bander is a highly versatile producer, DJ, and remixer with major production credits under his belt. From the very beginning, music was a part of Bander’s life, starting first with playing the piano at five years old and later becoming involved with several bands. Because Bander wanted more creative control, he began creating music on his own, moving quickly into orchestration.


Sony Digital signed DJ Badner, which launched his career in 2009.  Bander talks about how this allowed him to produce for a range of artists including Famous Dex, Jon B, Taryn Manning and Martin Clancy. Landing him billboard remix credits.


Some of his highlights and most successful moments was when he landed two records in the top 100 Beatport chart in 2019. He was also featured in LA Weekly for his entrepreneurship and growth of his production company, Bander Productions. Bander has such a great fundamental understanding of business that he recently landed an executive position as the director of Strategic Partnerships for Alter New Media, a seven figure international marketing agency. DJ Bander wants to be seen as more than just an artist, he wants to be seen as a multi-faceted entrepreneur, self made commercial real estate investor, capital manager, marketing specialist and executive producer. 


At the end of the day, DJ Bander has a lot of momentum going. On the music side, he is working on an EP featuring his own original vocals, a collaboration with producer Milian Beatz, and new music with Famous Dex. 

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