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Rap Legend 205 – “Flex on ‘Em”

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Alabama native Rap Legend’s music conquers the WorldGrowing up in Birmingham, Alabama, Rap Legend had to fight his wayto the top of the music game. It wasn’t easy, up to the point he feltthat whoever coined the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes youstronger” must have had Rap Legend (Lil Jay stage name) in mind.Although he faced numerous adversities and fought against all theodds, Rap Legend continues to spread his musical influence.The demo tape breakthroughAs a kid in Birmingham, he caught the music bug as early as eight years old.

He shaped his musical interest and style, and at the age of 16, histalent and passion for music began to grow. Rap Legend released his firstdemo at 18, which created a buzz and gained him some notoriety in hishome town. The success of his demo opened the door for live localperformances and more exposure around town.Already known performer in the local community, Rap Legend used thepower of the Internet and through his YouTube channel and with asteady growth of Instagram followers to reach rap fans from all overthe World. Rap Legend’s reputation grew through music, reachingmore than 200,000 likes for his notable songs and performances.

Music videos and Rap Legend own Record LabelRap Legend got various internet awards and had his music included in movies.In 2014 he released a new mixtape, Who is Lil Jay Rap Legend. Meanwhile, RapLegend made two music videos “Do What YouWannaDo” ft Devin the Dudeand “Who Can I Run To” FtXscape. The most listened tracks onSoundcloudsare “Jeep Freestyle” and “Fool” FT Kate Wild. You could also check his songs here.The success of his music inspired him to start his own label Rap LegendRecords, a significant accomplishment for young upcoming artists fromBirmingham. This move allows Rap Legend to reach the World with his ownand with the music of other artists.

With the philosophy of never give up, RapLegend now has an opportunity to help upcoming artists overcome similarobstacles he faced making his way from anonymity to recorded artists.Rap Legend 205 is a true artist at heart and will continue to rise and influencethe music world for many years to come.

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