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“Don’t Mind” Another Upcoming West Coast Star By The name Of District 21

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District 21 returns with a laidback love song “Don’t Mind” vocalizing over harmonies that he doesn’t care about what people think of his emotions. 


Eerie and smooth, District distinct voice can remind listeners of a west coast version of Frank Ocean. However, it’s a twist to his pen. Being raised by hip hop legend Mack 10, 21 sports a premier pedigree that allows him to invoke deeper emotions when writing. 


The track is about District 21 falling in love with a woman and experiencing the ups & downs of it. 


The LA native is on a mission to make timeless records with his catalog being the soundtrack to your life all produced by Timbaland cosigned Camden Bench who’s worked with the likes of Rico Nasty, Swalee, Kehlani and the late JuiceWRLD. 


Check it out “Don’t Mind” below:


Quote About “Don’t Mind”

“‘Don’t Mind’ is basically a song about being blindly in love. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing sometimes because you might overlook some of the shit you should be paying attention to. But it’s just that feeling is something new so you “don’t mind” whatever it is.” 


About District 21

Rapper District 21 was born and raised in Calabasas, California, and his music keeps a consistent theme of recounting the melodramatic environment he grew up in with a layer of maturity and confidence in his flow. District began working in the studio at the age of 12, but did not release his first two singles “New Things” and “Pictures” until his senior year of school. In 2017, he released the single “Jeeps,” which earned him heavy rotation on BET Jams. That same year he released the mixtapes ‘Outsiders Village’ and ‘Lifeguard,’ created for California highways and nostalgic of his frequent trips to Malibu growing up. His latest mixtape ‘No Static’ was released in October of 2018, with the lead single “Hardly” produced by Mustard. It was a change of pace for him garnering a much more aggressive tone and mood. Regardless, whether it be a story of a wild house party, a new relationship, a moment of bravado, or simply a moment to himself, one thing’s for certain; he’s being honest.


DJ is a true student of the game learning from his uncle and being influenced by the likes of State Property, The Dogg Pound, Young Gunz, and Clipse with a hint of Pharrell. During this weird time in history, the Calabasas prodigy has patiently put work in the studio carefully narrating his own untold story with his creative mind and captivating aesthetic. Even though he is melodramatic at times, District 21 still has that thug in him gaining support from Mustard, RMR, Baron Davis, Birdman, Mack 10 and Hit-Boy among others. 

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