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Alex Rodriguez aka ItsAlexHype and Overcoming Obstacles Facing Entrepreneurs and Creators.

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The worlds of entrepreneurship and content creation can many times be limited by the platforms of access themselves. Alex Rodriguez, known by his online presence as ItsAlexHype, understands this well. The young investor, marketer, and creator boasts an impressive network but has faced much to get to where he is. He also currently works with the digital marketing agency Simple Media (ADS).

In an interview, he discussed what he has encountered along the way. “One of these challenges was during the Instagram Meme Purge, where Instagram disabled a bunch of accounts who were known for posting memes. Accounts who were around my size then, are now at 500k+, so it is unreal to estimate the size my page would have reached. However, I overcame this by continuous grind and hard work while some were left jobless and sobbing. Instead, I continued to network and grow and was able to meet the guys over at Simple Media, who have brought nothing but support, opportunity, and clients daily.” Alex (ItsAlexHype) has put this same drive and determination into his current work, and it has paid off.

Another challenge Alex faced early in his career was getting big names and influential figures to work with him. He revealed that despite initial hesitations by people, “after seeing my extreme grind and delivery, I now have no issues setting up clients to gain as much as 10-20k in a single day.” This ability to produce results has allowed him to work with companies like Simple Media who utilize a 30+ million follower network across all platforms. He is able to help artists, influencers, and upcoming talent get put on the map daily through IG growth and exposure (utilizing DM marketing and natural reach), TikTok reaches, and private advertising/marketing.

Alex also recognizes the audience that has helped him overcome challenges. He thanked them, saying, “I would like to let my audience know that they mean the world to me. For those that do not already know, the profits from all the advertising and stores are reinvested to hopefully cover my college in the future. I am beyond grateful for the number of clients and activity I have. I am extremely excited for the future, and I would like to let you all know that this is just the beginning, and there is much more to come. So, stay tuned because we are going crazy this year.”

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