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Far Rockaway Queen’s New York is the home of a few notable hip hop artist who we’re very impactful in the underground music circuit. Most notably the late greats STACK BUNDLES and CHINX DRUGS. The neighborhood is on the outer ends of the city. Containing a desolate and ambient nature that connects to the artist that she breeds. Enter the life of an aspiring artist DAYDAYGZ. A native of Far Rock looking to carve his name in the distant land where very few make it out of. His journey into the realm of hip hop started at a young age.

In 2015 that realization would come to DAYDAYGZ in the form of a 3 year prison sentence. Taken from his already distant land into to an even further one. Now living with restrictions, containment and other brooding felons and lawless correction officers. DAYDAYGZ soon understood that his music would become his vehicle to not only escape the confines of prison but his means towards victory. Upon his release from prison in 2017 he would cultivate those ambitions into creating a musical career. Telling his life story with authenticity and powerful content carving his name in the stones of Far Rockway.

Now off parole and absolutely a free man his plans are now to unfold his legacy and tell his story like no one else can tell it. His notable musical influences are STACK BUNDLES and MEEK MILL. Artist whom he shares an alignment with due to the nature of a troubled past and the contingency to procure a future in hip hop’s ever unfolding ensemble of new artist. DAYDAYGZ definitely has the stripes he’s earned from the streets of Far Rock. From being shot and engaging in numerous criminal activities which has molded him into the man and artist he’s transformed into today. He vehemently continues to push to earn one more stripe. The one he will need to earn like he did on the crime ridden streets of Far Rock….. the one in hip hop among the elites.

His latest single is in New York fashion continues the ever growing sound of New York drill. The song is gritty yet bouncy with a dark tone as DAYDAYGZ delivers his lyrics and passion to equate why he cannot and will not lose. As an independent artist the road to success will come with many pitfalls and setbacks, but with him already accomplishing thousands of views on YOUTUBE those struggles maybe short lived. DAYDAYGZ will be releasing his latest single entitled “I CANT LOSE” on all music platforms on April 23, 2021.

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