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Officially GP: Cleveland Native Rapper And The CEO-Red Karpet

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The invasion of the novel coronavirus into the world has paralyzed business industries. A lot of businessmen and women gave up in life, and their business deteriorated. The introduction of lockdowns disrupted both supply and demand in an interconnected world economy. On the demand side, layoffs and income loss as far as morbidity, quarantines, unemployment, and worsening economic prospects are concerned reduced household consumption and firms’ investment. Meet the determined GP, aka Officially GP, who never gave up during the first wave of the covid 19.

The Background Of Officially GP

GP Officially, GP is an up-and-coming artist. He is known to have lived more life than most ever will. He grew up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. GP is known for his hard work and struggle in life. Recently the woes of life landed him behind bars for all of seven years. Life got him changed, and now the budding star is ready to release his newest mixtape and debut the genius lyrics he penned while incarcerated.

GP’s Love For Music

Modeling, acting, and being an entrepreneur is not enough on GP’s plate. He has added a new dish to his entree of talents. His passion for music stemmed back 15 years plus watching his cousin and his long-time friend Ray Cash. Officially GP used Kobe Bryant syndrome(RIP), where he took a remarkable quality from many artists he looked too like Jay Z Master p and Pimp C complying all those qualities into his talents. Doing this has made him a superpower in the booth. He was mentioned as “The artist to watch” in the 2017 freshman edition of the XXL magazine(R.I.P XXXTentacion) and “artist to be on the lookout for.” GP’s career changed when he linked up with his friend of 25 years, 4matik Hitmaker, who is not just his partner and a co-CEO of the Red Karpet but his producer and engineer.

Officially GP’s Thrive In The Business Industry

GD owns the biggest clothing store in Cleveland, Red Karpet, and a studio partnered with 4matik Hitmaker. He is a great entrepreneur in the city. Besides being an entrepreneur, GP uses his 6’7 foot frame as one of the first male brand ambassadors and models for the internationally known company, Fashion nova, and Threadbeast. Modeling is one of Officially GP’s most genuine passions. Officially GP loves being in front of the camera as well as behind the camera. Photography is one of his favorite hobbies. He loves being in front of the camera as he shows his many skills with acting. Officially Gp’s acting career started with his role on Empire season 5 episodes 5,7 and 9 and proven innocent season 1, which both air on fox network.

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