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“Pretty Little Thing” by Gezim Camaj is still a hit, directed by Xhon Dang

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“Pretty Little Thing” by Gezim Camaj is a classic track that will never go out of style. That’s why a year later, it is still on repeat. In Loving Memory of Mark Lulgjuraj, aka Marskii, Gezim Camaj gets the power to rap his heart out in a brilliant way, exposing raw emotions left and right. Opening up with a poem from Magi Camaj, a versatile and genius writer, we automatically feel the realness and vulnerability that this song brings.

Through nothing less than intense lyrics, Gezim Camaj places a strong focus on mental health and love. Rapping about a girl who is a poet from The Bronx, this Hip-Hop artist intelligently puts words together that calms down the anxiety. Through music and words, both of them find healing, breaking a cycle of generational curses.

Music videos in the form of short films are undeniably something special. Directed by Xhon Dang, we see the grittiness of New York City and the city’s heart throughout “Pretty Little Thing.” The emotions, colors, and lyrics are perfectly put together, uniquely intertwining with the other.

Stay tuned because Gezim Camaj has a lot more impactful music on the way.

Gezim Camaj Instagram: @bygezimcamaj
Magi Camaj Instagram: @magicamaj
Xhon Dang Instagram: @filmmxker

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