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Marcus McCoy aka Marq Kenzo

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The Artist Marcus McCoy also known as Marq Kenzo., he is currently 21 years old. He was born in the “Bronx, New York.” Later on, he moved to Arizona, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to chase his music dreams.

Due To his background, it was not too flexible from any angle. Marcus McCoy has a passion for music engineering since a young age, but at that time, he suffered from resources and financial problems.

He got involved in music when he was a child, rising to various genres like trap, r&b, and dancehall. While growing up, Marcus McCoy always was passionate and would do rap battles during school at lunch time.

Additionally, he belongs to a musical family, so; decided to learn many essential things. Consequently, he knew the initial steps of rap music.

After graduating from high school, Marcus McCoy follows his dreams seriously and started creating music for himself.

The idol person from whom he gets inspired by is 50 cent. He likes his music flow and his successful career, which came out from a bad upbringing . Besides 50 cent he is also inspired by all kinds of other artist.

Like many other artists,, Marcus McCoy, also had wished to work with his inspired rappers like 50 cent and Eminem. Mostly he wanted to get the opportunity to work with Eminem; the reason is that he considers him the best lyrical rapper.

It is not easy to become an artist because he has to face many challenges. The top challenges are negative comments and hate.

Marcus McCoy also has to go through tough times. According to him, people do not think about the hard work and struggle it takes to craft the sound to meet listeners’ expectations and taste.

Currently, he is an independent artist because he is in his initial stages. He expects to be signed in the future for a great deal.

His music history shows that Marcus McCoy released singles in the year of 2020. In January 2021, Marcus McCoy released his latest music project known as Kenzo Story.” After the successful release of the first EP, he will release the next EP soon in the summer of 2021, so stay tuned.


He is also going to drop a few dancehall songs for his reggae people. Marcus McCoy thinks that surprising people with these songs will show his fans how versatile he is,everyone stay tuned for the summer of 2021.


For Marcus McCoy, the reward and achievement for a musician is making and creating music people can relate to.


He is an artist who is a self-maker and self-grower because he makes music and then promotes his music. He pays to promote his content.


He hardly gets time to spend with his family,Marcus McCoy has a busy schedule because he has to make music, create it, and has to engage with other artists.


Marcus McCoy has a supporting nature, and he always supports the persons Buisness , even if they are  selling makeup, shoes or clothes.

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