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Niyah Smith Shows You Don’t Have To Come From A Musical Background To Be Successful

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Born on 22 March 1992 in London, United Kingdom, Smith grew up in Homerton, East London, with three siblings, surrounding crime and violence. Since his childhood, Smith has had a long history of music like R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rap, Gospel, Jazz, House, and Afrobeats.

Smith had a lot to offer. Smith played tennis during his middle school and even took part in national tournaments. And then, one day, a stray tackle left him with a broken leg during the illegal football game – young aspiring tennis stars had not been supposed to take such risks. Not only did this end his hopes for a tennis career, but it also prevented him from crossing the city every day by crutches to school.

Smith’s mother was consistently higher in her aspirations to support Niyah, who was working two jobs to support the family on his own. He made her proud at school, earning excellent qualifications.

These boys had tougher upbringing. Niyah says that he’s never seen himself in Homerton as a gang. They hung in a group, cycled, and took the streets to fight rap. It might have looked like a band passing through police cars. They remained together, as the company went on, to protect themselves.

Such struggles grew from one to five, and the brawls grew even more significant. Some friends of Niyah’s have been arrested because he carried baseball knives and bats. He knew that some of them were also caught up in serious crime.

But mostly, Niyah had remained troubled himself. He had won a place in a business music class at a nearby college. After graduating in 2012 and starting his career, Smith realized his passion for music and decided to turn it into a career choice. “I don’t come from a family background of music, no one in my immediate family is a musician or an artist so it was definitely a different path for me,” said Smith.

He was sentenced in 2012 for possession of a firearm to eight years and six months’ imprisonment. He was twenty years old at that time. He served in five different prisons for four years and three months. The music he’d created had given him an impetus: he knew he could do more together with his life than spend it in prison.

After he got out of prison, he had immense success in his business career. To learn more about Niyah Smith be sure to check out his website or go listen to some of his latest songs here

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