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“Baton Rouge Native 38Goblin Is Set to Release His Second Studio Album For 2021”

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38 Goblin just released his first ever album “Wasted Days Wasted Nights.”  His second album will be released in October of 2021, he stated this next album is his favorite project so far, it’s called “The Black Sheep” Every song on this album was written during his most hardest times. He stated he was very depressed at the time and music was his only way to get through his darkest times. He stated that so many deaths of loved ones caused him to be angry at the world. 


38 Goblin stated there’s nothing I can do to bring them back. All I can do is carry their memories, sometimes I feel alone. It seems like I’m not heard or seen. But it’s time to make that change I must remember I’m The Black Sheep

38 Goblin stated just Hope For Better Days Tomorrow Never Promised… this is a quote from one of his tracks on the Wasted Days Wasted Nights album.

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