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Q&A with artist Thats Trip on his anticipated single Checks!

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What was your inspiration behind cheeks ? 


The beat instantly hit me. It’s just one of those vibes  you can not deny. The energy behind it all came from paven the beat put me exactly where i wanted to be I just needed to add the words and support the energy behind what was already there. 


What do you want listeners to take away from cheeks ? 


I want everyone young and old to not even think just lets the words and the beat take you away. Whatever first comes to mind just do it and enjoy the moment we dont know when will be out last. Know that your dreams are reachable with a little effort. And never forgot work hard party harder me and trizzely are blood related cousins and came from a struggle and we are here to show our loved ones thats its more to life and anything is obtainable if you put your mind to it 


Storyline behind visuals? 


We wanted to share with the people how we like to have fun. We wanted to create a live party scene so that when you hear and listen you can actually imagine and visualize yourself in the moment as if you were there. We wanted to create a real life feel to the video and gave nothing but energy and the video came out terrific. 


Who produced the song? 


Produced by @pavenmelody and engineered by @hotbox_gooey.


What makes this song different? 

Well listen to the structure the feel how it’s presented to you is different than China which is a great song but come on Cheeks is an everyday vibe it does more then hit you it generates the energy of a happy joyful mood this is going to be one favorite song by trip and 

trizzely we have a nice collaboration coming out.


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