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How Tony Solo Hearst Thrives In Music

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Tony Solo Hearst is a star in the music industry. The endless efforts and quest for perfection are what make him great. 

Tony Solo Hearst At A Glance

Tony Solo Hearst is a loyal leader known by his lifelong nickname Solo. He has a passion for lifting authentic artists who are dedicated to music. Tony runs the company as a business investment with a heart. The Solo Group Entertainment is a new approach to his music and business. 


Tony Hearst’s Thriving Journey


Tony rejected to live a life of mere statistics in the inner-city streets. At his early stage, he decided to devote his energy to building several businesses. As a youth, Tony spent time in detention centers, going in and out of jail, which led to him surviving a shooting. Later he became the owner of businesses in Buffalo and Texas.


The Accomplishments


Tony has helped men and women find employment after being released from prison. He gave them work in restaurants, barbershops, and his other businesses.


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